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White E Liquid 5ltr

Natural anti-oxidant, for use in all horses. Beneficial for
horses prone to muscle stiffness, those fed Vitamin E
deficient diets and breeding animals.

WHITE-E Powder Mix well into feed.
1 scoop = 16g. Routine daily dose for horses in work
is 16g (1000IU)
WHITE-E Liquid Mix well into feed or syringe
over tongue.
1 dose = 60mL. Routine daily dose for hoses in work
is 60mL (1000IU)

Vitamin E 826mg (1000IU) d-alpha-Tocopherol
WHITE-E Liquid (per 60mL dose)
Vitamin E 1000mg (1000IU) d-alpha-Tocopherol

Horses susceptible to tying-up.
Protection against damaging free radicals.
Strengthening the immune system.
Breeding mares and stallions.
Providing natural anti-oxidants to the body.
Prevention of muscle fatigue and soreness.

  • Manufactured by: Vetsearch

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